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(France x Reader) Visceral
The daybreak was soothing and she nearly was wiped clean of all memories that blotted her conscience like a sweltering wound; nearly forgetting the alarming cries and pained screeching she heard late at night. She had lied upon the linen sheets rigidly, and could not succumb to sleep- her body producing little warmth, the havoc occurring out her bed window kept her staring at her ceiling.
The maids have already begun their chain of ordered chores, and were, with much struggle and disdain for said maids, able to coax the lady out of her chambers for washing. She was beyond fighting however; and was willing to be pulled out of her nightgown and into decency just enough for a mealtime.
She had not spoken of this manifestation though, her food occupying her weakly. It scarcely had been a distant recollection of the time she'd gone out with her mentor, only to see a horse-drawn carriage, its own mane flecked with disease and pelt of grime, spotted three corpses piled upon each other in a po
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Mature content
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(Pirate!England x Reader) Saints
The captain draws out a handkerchief, wiping his face of the splattering seawater and brine that sprays into his face as his ship encounters another abnormally sized wave- he's shown the charter along with their current voyage progress, and he dismisses it with an evident disdain. The ships have unbeknownst struck a dull area of the sea, a condition where landing would make it utterly difficult to exit out, the wind dimming low in these spots.
The days on sea drag by, like always, and the wind has stilled long enough for Arthur's ship to practically entirely halt in its position. At night, the astrolabs continually confirm these notions, and he curses aloud to his crew, who are gradually becoming strung and stricken with scurvy. Two are already counting down the turns of the ampolleta.
It's absolutely treacherous, and the rations are no better to any degree. Maggots are not uncommon, and quite frankly, it's better than no food at all. Of course it is; his nobility was already a putrid
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there's something dumb in the works
There are her triumphs knitted right into the palm of her hand,
a sense of pride that's perfectly clear with the twitch of her lips
or possibly the arch of eyebrows
after all
she's got to seem like she's
put together
because deep inside her are an array of mismatched organs
not fitting in the slightest
despite her ways to clamp it all and twist until it's contained
her chest is filled with an overloaded amount of filthy, gritty, crumbled pieces of what used to be
what, an over-sized heart? burnt by its over-sensitive mind
She doesn't realize that the presence, the pulse, is no longer there anyway.
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it's almost suffocating
he chokes the words down,
they don't mean anything, pretending
that he is the only one that knows their presence
and even as he swallows them down into his core
they always appear
right on his flesh
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